Algimia Waste Treatment Plant is the most advanced Waste Valorization and Treatment facility in the Valencian Region. The Plant is completed integrated in the landscape and it is made of fully recyclable elements. The recovering rate is up to 72% of the waste feedstock.

The Algimia de Alfara waste treatment systems allow to obtain the higher percentage of waste recovery in Valencia Community.

TETma manages the waste treatment facility with a capacity higher tan 350.000 ton/yr.

We count with multifunction facilities fully integrated in the environment and equipped with the best available technologies for the waste management, where we will develop the LIFE WASTE2BIOFUEL project.

  • Waste reception and download area in a closed space with air renovation.
  • Automated pre-treatment line.
  • Lines for separation or selection subproduct from dry fraction and automated separation of each material type (PET, Brick, paperboard, etc).
  • Lines of biological treatment with aerobic bioestabilization.
  • Fully treatment for dust and odour in all renovation phases with renovation of 120.000 m3/h through connexion with sleeve filter.
  • Biofilters with more than 1.000m2 of different coniferus barks types.

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